Val's View: How to dress with flair…and easy care

Living the Florida resort lifestyle means never having to say you’re sloppy.


I’m retired from working hard at my career – so I sure don’t want to work hard at looking good now that I’m living in paradise!

I retired my iron the day I left my job – and I also retired my trips to the dry cleaner.

Now that I’m living full-time in South Florida, my wardrobe – purchased head-to-toe at Anthony’s – is all wash and wear. Yes, my fabulous women’s fashion is easy to wear and easy to care for.

Easy All Around 

I can even throw my fabulous Kristin Crenshaw slim black pants into the washing machine.

White Tank Top and Black PantThey’re made of a rayon/nylon/Spandex blend – a woven fabric with stretch that looks fancy, with a matte finish. You could wear these pants to a cocktail party, but they’re so stretchy and so easy to care for, you could do yoga in them.

Here’s how I wash mine: Throw them into the washer, then pull them out and snap the wet garment – like you snap a towel – to get out any wrinkles created from the washing process. I hang them up to dry and again stretch the material a tad to smooth out any washing-machine kinks. They’re dry the next day and don’t require ironing.

I like to wear a basic tank top with my pants – and a long tunic over the tank.

One of Anthony’s best-selling basic tanks is by Clear Sky and I love them! The straps are wide enough to hide your bra straps, and the neckline is the perfect dip – not too low and not too high.

I love to layer a Foxcroft 100 percent cotton tunic over the tank. Believe it or not, you don’t have to iron this cotton big shirt. You just throw it in the washer and tumble dry.

Dress with flair and easy care – at Anthony’s, the women’s fashion store that has been first in Florida fashion since 1895.


Here’s Val’s Florida vacay tip of the week: Pack your easy-care wear and head to the Key Largo Food Fest

Key Largo's premier seafood event, the Stone Crab & Seafood Festival, packs fresh local seafood, live music, cooking demonstrations, contests and kids' fun into a weekend of festivity Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 24-25. Vendors serve up succulent stone crab claws, homemade smoked fish dip, conch fritters, chowders, tuna nachos and lobster and more. Turn your seafood trip into a shopping trip by stopping at Anthony's in Key Largo!


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